How do I become and affie?
Affilates of Ali Love Designs are required to pay a $3 USD or 1 Pass (Howrse) fee to be featured on the site. They must also post a link back on their site somewhere visible on the home page.

How do I become a sponsor?
More info coming soon!

How do you make / code __?
I code everything by hand with self-taught knowledge. I design things with PSE7. Do not ask me to teach you how to code or make graphics.

Will you make me a ___?
If ordering for that graphic is open, sure.

How much are graphics?
Since Howrse no longer allows the "selling" of graphics, next to each order form I have donation amounts that are about right for each graphic.

Welcome to Ali Love Designs v.1.1!

I'm working on the full site and have no idea if it'll ever get finished >.<
I'm off to uni in the fall, so I don't know how often the site will be updated.

I strive to bring you outstanding graphics all for a reasonab priced. All layouts && websites are coded by hand, and all graphics are made with care && time. On a like note, I would like to please ask that you do not ask how I make graphics, layouts, websites, etc. This is trade secret. Hehe. :3 Cheers! xx

The graphics from here work anywhere; 100% guarantee - if they don't, I know how to fix them!

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Affies Here
Please see the Q&A to the left for info on becoming an affiliate. PM me if you'd like to become one.
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